Dear graduate or undergraduate student in the CUNY system, and in particular, dear community college student, 

One of your professors may have referred you to this website, or maybe you came across it in your own internet search for a local student conference. You have come to the right place.


LSC-5 provides you with the perfect venue for showcasing your work. It is all-encompassing, bringing together the disciplines of Speech, Linguistics, and Communication, so your language-related research is likely to be a fit in this very big picture we are going to put together. It is a friendly and informal environment, for and with other students like you, as well as faculty members who care about your success, so you can relax and truly enjoy talking about research and meeting some like-minded new friends (and who knows, maybe even mentors) in the process. It is local and free, so you don't need to worry about travel funds or any other special arrangements. If you can get on the MTA, you can get to us, and your participation will be appreciated.

We encourage students to submit their work via the Submit Your Abstract page. If you have any questions before deciding whether to do so, please use the CONTACT form to ask them. We will try our best to send you an answer in 24-48 hours.

What is an abstract? Briefly put, it is a very brief summary of the work you have done or intend to do in order to answer a research question, in which you are giving the reader a sense of what your project is about, why it is important, what methods you are using in order to pursue the main topic, and what your (expected) results are. The point is to convince your reader of the relevance of your work (in a conference context, your reader is going to be a reviewer, or someone in charge of determining whether your work is worthy of dissemination to a wider audience). An abstract, " a sense it is a marketing document for your full paper." Read more about how to write an abstract here or here


We believe students may benefit from giving poster presentations - more personal, less intimidating, more 'networky' - before trying their hand at oral presentations. At LSC-5, most of the oral presentations will be authored or co-authored by faculty members, and most of the posters will be authored by students (both individual and joint submissions are welcome). If you already have experience in a conference setting, however, and would like to present your project orally, please let us know (in the submission form) and we will try to accommodate your request.

These are our expectations for the day of May 15, 2020: 

  • that you should get to our campus early, preferably before the Welcoming Remarks

  • that you should bring your poster or printed handouts (if applicable) with you

  • that you should feel good about this new or almost new experience because, really, there is nothing to feel nervous about

  • that you should enjoy the lunch we offer and, if you have any special requests or restrictions, that you let us know in advance

  • that you should be professional in all ways - respectful of others, engaged, and interested in making every interaction a positive one

  • that you should be proud to add this experience to your resume after you leave

One more thing. The Speech Club and Debate Clubs at KCC have joined forces in order to motivate and welcome you to our campus. Not only will these students be present as volunteers to oversee the well-functioning of the meeting, they have also put together part of their clubs' semester allowance in order to award a prize to the author of the best student poster. Both students and faculty will be assessing all posters that were entered in this competition during the abstract submission process. Their decision is going to be based on various criteria, among which the content and look of your poster, as well as the quality of your presentation. May the best poster win!


We look forward to meeting you!

The LSC-5 Organizing Committee

©2019 by CUNY's 5th Biennial Conference on Language, Society & Culture: Speech & Communication For All.